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Video Software

How to cut videos

How to compress video file and reduce video size

How to record screen with audio

How to rotate videos or flip videos to fix them

How to split film into equal parts, by time, by file size or by key frames

How to remove watermark from video

How to join Videos into one large file

How to convert videos. How to convert video to mp3. How to convert mp4 to mp3. How to convert flv to mp3. How to convert mov to avi

How to zoom video area or crop video area

How to loop video to create video clip with background audio

How to batch add Thumbnails to Videos for Windows Explorer Thumbnail Preview

Audio Software

How to convert MP3. How to convert audio. How to convert WAV to MP3. How to convert MP4 to MP3

How to join audio. How to merge MP3 files and other formats with fade in, fade out, cross fade, audio effects, silence and more !

How to cut audio. How to join audio. How to split audio. How to mix audio. How to record audio. How to edit audio.

How to control the volume with your mouse wheel

How to loop audio clip also with background audio