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Freeware Software

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Online Tools

Many online free PDF apps.

Free Online Timer, Stopwatch, Countdown, Countup, Cash Clock, Analog Timer, Chess Timer, Basket Score Counter, Soccer Score Counter and more.

Free Online Tool to generate CSS Sprites easily with a simple drag and drop. It is unique because it can save and open projects of your work. Good for SEO,performance.

Free online tool to convert images. Supports many image formats

Free online tool to rotate images or flip images

Windows Software

Video Software

Video Converter Expert
Versatile video converter, video to mp3 converter, mp4 converter, convert mov to avi, flv to mp4, can handle many formats..
Video Looper
Loop video to create video clip with background audio.
Video Zoomer and Cropper
Zoom video area or crop video area.
Video Thumbnail Creator
Batch add Thumbnails to Videos for Windows Explorer Thumbnail Preview.

Audio Software

Audio Looper
Loop audio clip also with background audio.
Volume Wheel
Control the volume with your mouse wheel with many options

Office Software

Batch Extract Images from Office
Batch extract images from powerpoint, office
Convert Powerpoint to PDF 4dots
Batch convert powerpoint to PDF easily
Convert Word to PDF 4dots
Batch convert word to PDF easily
Convert Excel to PDF 4dots
Batch convert excel to PDF easily
Convert PDF to Word 4dots
Batch convert PDF to word easily
Convert Powerpoint to Images 4dots
Batch convert powerpoint to jpg
Convert Word to Images 4dots
Batch convert word to jpg
Convert Excel to Images 4dots
Batch convert Excel to jpg
Convert Office to Images 4dots
Batch convert office documents to jpg. Word to jpg, powerpoint to jpg, excel to jpg.
Convert Word to EXE 4dots
Convert Word to exe, Convert docx to exe that can run without Word installed.
Convert Excel to EXE 4dots
Convert xls to exe, Convert xlsx to exe that can run without Excel installed.
Combine Word Documents 4dots
Combine word documents while keeping their format and headers, footers.
Batch Edit Office Properties
Batch edit Microsoft Office document properties - Batch clear Microsoft Office properties.

PDF Software

PDF to EXE Converter
Convert PDF to standalone executable - Convert PDF to exe
PDF to Video Converter
Convert PDF to video, convert PDF to MP4
PDF Page Counter
Count PDF pages and get a report with metadata information.
Free PDF Image Extractor
Extract Images from PDF Documents.
4dots Free PDF Compress
Compress PDF documents and shrink their file size drastically.
Free PDF Metadata Editor
Batch set PDF metadata of PDF Documents
PDF To JPG Expert
Convert PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG, multi-page TIFF
Free PDF Protector
Password protect PDF documents.
Free PDF Splitter Merger
Split PDF Documents, Merge PDF Documents and extract or delete pages from them.
Free Combine PDF 4dots
Combine PDF documents. Merge pdf files with right click, from command line.
Free JPG to PDF Converter
Convert JPG to PDF, supports almost any type of images and command line usage.
Free PDF Watermarker 4dots
Watermark PDF documents, supports command line usage.

File Management Software

Copy Path to Clipboard
Copy the full path of files with a right click in Windows Explorer.
Copy Text Contents
Copy directly the contents of text files to the clipboard.
Remove Duplicate Lines
Remove duplicate lines, dedupe list, remove duplicate words from Text, Word, RTF files.
Split Byte
Free versatile file splitter and joiner.
MD5 Hash Check 4dots
Check File Integrity and validate MD5 hashes, supports most hashing algorithms.
Free Combine Text Files 4dots
Combine Text Files. Versatile text file joiner.

System Software

Open Command Prompt Here
Launch the Command Prompt with or without administrative rights at any folder.
Run with Parameters
Run programs with arguments directly from Windows Explorer.
Key Status Inidicator 4dots
Caps lock indicator, get notified when caps lock is on or other keys change status.
Disable Context Menu Items
Disable Context Menu Items for security reasons from Windows Explorer such as Delete, Cut, Copy, Properties e.t.c.
Active Computer Usage Time Tracker
Track and get Reports of Computer and Software Applications usage of you, your employees or children over the network.
Auto Mouse Control Focus
Automatically focus on the control while you hover it with the mouse.
Brightness Wheel
Control the brightness with your mouse wheel with many options.

Web Design Software

Batch HTML Validator
Batch W3C validate HTML, XHTML and HTML5 multiple URLs or files. Fix errors and improve your SEO.
CSS Sprites Generator
Generate CSS Image Sprites for Onpage-SEO and faster webpage loading times.
Free Imagemapper
Create interactive imagemaps for html pages.

Graphics Software

Free Colorwheel
Create and test correct color schemes with this free colorwheel.
Color Picker 4dots
Color Picker Tool to pick Color from Screen - Html Color Picker - RGB Color Picker - Hex Color Picker.
Exif Remover
Remove metadata from photo with a right click in Windows Explorer

Desktop Software

Privacy Hide
Protect your privacy and hide specified applications with a single keystroke.
Flora Screensaver
Relax and enjoy a beautiful nature screensaver with pictures of plants and flowers.
Magnifier 4dots
Free Screen Magnifier - Zoom Windows - Zoom Computer Screen - Zoom screen windows.
Insects Screensaver
Enjoy an interesting nature screensaver with images of insects.
Simple Random Wallpaper
Set random wallpaper from specified list of images or folders and change it after a time interval

Other Software

Docus Tree
Organize your documents, todo lists, calendars in a tree structure.
Anti Stress Color Shuffler
Relax and enjoy and reduce stress by viewing beautiful colors changing.
Select and Calculate
Type math operations anywhere, select and get result with a hotkey press.
Standalone EXE Document Locker
Password Protect documents and convert them to a standalone editable executable file.
Select and Evaluate
Type VBScript expression anywhere, select and get result with a hotkey press.